All you need to know about WWE Supercard

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Nov 5

All you need to know about WWE Supercard

For a free game, and regardless of the weird micro transaction pricing, WWE Supercard has a lot to offer, and it’s worth a download for those looking for quick fun. It is a surprisingly engaging digital trading card game.

It is a very ample card battling game that’s more pertained to engaging players than bleeding them dry with in-app purchases. It is an unexpectedly prudent and fun collectible card game.


  • The game allows the player to fetch up thousands of cards featuring your favorite WWE and NXT Superstars.
  • It includes highly competitive Player vs. Player (PVP) league and ascends the consolidated PVP leaderboards system.
  • It offers many new strategic provinces like Monday Night Raw, Smack Down live and many more.

WWE Supercard has finally arrived with Season 4 which is more interesting with a lot of fantastic features which includes:


Originate 250 new cards across three new series – Beast, Monster, and Titan.

  • PVP Card Battles – Online Multiplayer Leagues and Momentum
  • Enhance your deck to become top-ranked Supercard player in the world.
  • Win PVP games and earn competitive points based on your rank to get even better rewards.

In-game currency

The earned currency plays an important role in the game so you can by getting wwe supercard hack 2020. It helps in buying and upgrading more cards and items. The currency is earned by plying the game more and by completing more number of objectives and missions. Users need to apply more tips to earn more in-game currency. The game consist two types of currency which is used most in it. Following are two types of in-game currency about which every users should know –

  • Credits
  • Energy

Final Words

It is very necessary for the users to know each thing properly about the game. To become the best in it one should try to play it regularly. The more you play it the more you become perfect in it.