Toon blast all boosts and facts about Resources and their Uses

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Toon blast all boosts and facts about Resources and their Uses

Toon blast is played by every age of the person. It is a mind game; solving puzzles and reach high levels are the main objectives. But there are already so many obstacles in-game that needs to clear for reach at high levels. There are a lot of features that make the game easy and fun to play with. Best way to clear levels is to use the resources and boosts. And some of you wondering if you can have unlimited resources and boosts so Toon blast unlimited lives is for you to try.

Toon blast resources

·         Rocket Booster – the Rocket booster is a mixture of five cubes. Main objective of it is that it clear line from vertical or horizontally. It always clears a full line whenever used.

·         Bomb booster – the Bomb booster is a combination of seven or more cubes. And clear 3×3 areas from its surroundings.

·         Disco booster – It is a very superior booster because it is a mixture of nine cube or more than . Disco ball clear all dice of the same color in the puzzle box. If disco ball is blue, it will clear all blue boxes of dice.

·         The Anvil booster – This booster has the potential of clear a full column in once.

All these boosters are limited, but these are so helpful any player willing to earn unlimited booster and lives they can try Toon blast unlimited lives for easy gameplay.

However, Boosters are the resources in the game, and these boosters are very helpful things in-game.